10 Factors to Consider While Buying a Residential Property in Hyderabad

Hyderabad in recent years has leapfrogged into one of the best cities in India, with several positive qualities to its credit. Today, it is one of the best real-estate markets in India, with quality residential and commercial properties that beautifully complements its growing reputation as a destination for global IT/ITES, Pharma & Biotechnology firms; Financial Institutions; and so on.

Add to this, the city has excellent backing from a proactive State Government that assures business-friendly state policies; ease of doing business environment; sound infrastructure like ORR, Metro, MMTS, etc; ready-made availability of quality talent pool; congenial weather bonus and above all, a cosmopolitan culture where people from different ethnicities, religions, and creeds, thrive and live. Little wonder, Hyderabad has become a worthy place to buy and invest in a residential property.

When it comes to that, there are few better names to pick than Fortune Builders and Developers, among the premier builders and developers in Hyderabad. Fortune Builders & Developers not only offers the assurance of a quality residential property but also offers the benefit of a reputation that is synonymous with world-class residential projects in Hyderabad and also residential plots in Hyderabad.


Like every costly purchase, buying a property too carries with it many risks. So, to get real value for your money, factor in certain factors that offer truly real value for your money.

PROPERTY AGENT: Finding the right property is normally a hazardous task, especially in a big city. To rid yourself of this headache, hire an experienced and knowledgeable property agent, impeccable and scrupulous in their dealings.

PROPERTY VERIFICATION: Find out whether the property is under litigation and is free of legal disputes, followed by an extensive verification of the property owner, and above all if the property comes with proper legal documents for pre-approval. If they are all in order, then you can be sure that the property is in good legal footing.

PROPERTY LOCATION: Factor in whether the property is located in a strategic area with the right support system in place. Such a location close to IT hubs, educational institutions, and other daily utility essentials, would guarantee concrete returns in the long run.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Efficient and sufficient social and physical infrastructure is important to make the property viable in the long run. Good quality roads; waste disposal facility; transport connectivity like metro, etc; hospitals and medical supplies; shopping zones; educational institutions; etc, are certain infrastructure that is a must-have, for they add to the value of the property and enhance its liveability factor.

SURROUNDING AREAS LIVEABILITY: Consideration must also be given to the liveability of the surrounding areas. Such areas should be decent and pollution-free with the right ingredients sans vandalism and graffiti.

PROPERTY COST: Currently, property prices in Hyderabad have remained reasonable. With a good location and proper infrastructure in place, it would make sense to invest in a property. Certain factors need to be factored in herein like internal/external development fees; preferential location charges; services tax; etc, all of which escalate the total cost of the property.

FINANCING FACILITY: Factor in whether there exists a viable financing facility to buy the property. Normally, banks and NBFCs offer such a loan facility, with very minimal paper-work. In addition, such a facility in most cases comes with tax deductions, and a host of financing options with flexible repayment terms, based on one’s ability to repay back the loan. Finally, make sure to hedge your bet on a bank or NBFC with a sound and reliable reputation.

INVESTMENT RISKS: Merely taking a finance loan is not the end of it towards buying a property. You need to factor in the pros and cons; the overall average property prices, which vary significantly; and above all, your ability to clear off all the debts.

PROPERTY RESALEBILITY: Utmost care must be eschewed to ensure that the property in question has excellent resale value, with the guarantee of healthy returns for your investment in the property.

FUTURE PROSPECTS: Finally, buying a property without factoring its future viability is akin to making an investment in a troubled future. The value of a property appreciates corresponding to the market factors; the prevalence of quality modern essentials; infrastructure growth in and around the property’s location; and overall future prospects of the property location. These must be taken into account so as to ensure quality Return-on-investment (ROI) on the property.

After selecting the property, get it registered with the authority concerned to assure yourself as to its lawful and legal owner. With the sale deed in place, you acquire the rights of the property from the date of the execution of the deed.

With Fortune Builders & Developers, a premier builders and developers in Hyderabad, you can be assured of not only the best of its kind of property in line with your taste but also the safety of acquiring a property from one of the best real estate developers in Hyderabad, synonymous with world-class residential projects in Hyderabad and also residential projects in Mumbai.

Fortune Builders & Developers, leading real estate developers in Hyderabad, has a solid portfolio of landmark residential projects in Hyderabad’s prime locations; plots in Hyderabad; and above all, several valued commercial property Hyderabad. Working alongside prominent architects and interior designers in Hyderabad, Fortune Builders & Developers has developed several elegant building landmarks, built on the pillars of creativity, craftsmanship, and comfort value with detailing that assures secure living for inhabitants.


For investing in a property in Hyderabad, make sure that you possess a good amount of readily available cash; clarity of thought; smart thinking; and above all, the ability to calculate the future trends, WHILE absorbing into account the ten factors that go in to make buying a property, a hassle-free and secure investment.

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