5 Important things to think about before moving into a new house

Moving into a new home is best described as a mix of curiosity, sadness, and fun. People experience varied feelings, all with a touch of anxiousness. But moving is a laborious process which involves planning, packing, moving, unpacking, and finally, settling in the new place.

There are challenges galore, and critical decisions needed to be taken as well. Further, you also need to prioritise what aspects you want to tackle and then make a conscious decision with effort to get them done.


There are some vital factors that you need to look into before moving into a new home.

  • FLOORING: First factor that you need to look into is the new house’s flooring. Check out whether the flooring is of your preference and meets the kind of your living. Ensure that the flooring is done-up with good quality materials that will allow things like carpets or rugs or mats and even furniture items, to be laid out as per your specifications. Also, make sure that the flooring does not end-up causing dirt or starches to spread out.
  • PLUMBING: Plumbing leaks can be a real bother. Have a certified plumber check in all the plumbing works to spot-out leakages or drippings. There could be the odd dripping faucets or running toilet water drains, or even a water-heater leakage. This way, you could ensure that all such negatives are worked out before you move in with your family and belongings.
  • PAINTING: Your house should be in colours that reflects your lifestyle. There could be instances when the house could be in colours that are allergic to your liking. So a safe way out is to get a certified painter to do up the house in colours that mirrors your preferences and gels with your furniture and other items. Then allow few days for the paint-effects to settle down after the job.
  • ELECTRICAL SETTINGS: Electrical outlets can be a challenge. There is no knowing whether they could be sudden power outages or voltage fluctuations. Older homes can be especially a tricky case. Get a certified electrician to check on the electrical fittings and settings or whether additional outlets are needed for an extra fan or light, to ensure that they are power-shock and voltage-shock free.
  • CLOSET SYSTEMS:  Closet systems are vital for that is where you store your precious things. Make sure, that the home you are moving into has quality closet systems with fittings ranging from shelves to drawers and more, well-structured and in order. Get a professional installer to check on all the closet systems and ensure that all closet fittings are installed with the right closet components and in good condition.

Also, make sure that all of the other utilities like outlets, fixtures, and switches, are set-up and in the right place, ready-to-go and in working. Then before the moving-day, verify that your essentials like gas and water connectivity, heating / cooling, phone and internet connectivity, etc, are all set-up, with the right ingredients in place. Further, ensure that your local waste management facility is in place for assured garbage pick-up daily.

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