Architectural Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

With time, everything changes, and so does architecture. As the last year of the second decade of the 21st century approaches its near-end, many wonders as what does the future of architecture hold?

The truth is that the future of architectural trends in 2020 will incorporate two categories of elements. One will be the minimalistic, modern and sleek aesthetic type and the other will be environmentally-friendly, money-saving type. Either way, they could be built of a material that has not been heard of yet so far. Currently, some constructions in certain parts of the world are using cross-laminated timber panels, a newfound material (engineered to be stronger and more fire-resistant than traditional wood).

Recyclable materials usage will also likely accelerate as the focus will shift to environmental-friendly constructions. This will lead to sustainable architecture which will change the way, humans live, work or socialise, all for the better.

While architectural experts predict a rosy future for architectural structures that will be a blend of simplicity and outrageous, useful on an everyday basis, Fortune Builders & Developers, premier builders and developers in Hyderabad, is already increasingly using sustainable architectural methods in its many constructions.


Like in 2019, architectural trends will continue to see a focussed commitment to sustainable architecture which will be a blend of harmonious design and futuristic innovation, integrated by technology.

  • MORE COLLABORATIVE: Architecture will be more collaborative. Architects will be collaborating more with experts from different fields involved in the architecture process, like social anthropologists and environmental experts. The approach will be towards creating and nurturing sustainable and meaningful environments facilitating environment-friendly living.
  • MORE SUBTLE: There will be more emphasis on subtle architecture that blends the best of simple and flashy, rather than wholesome focus on flashy architecture. The approach will be towards sophisticated architecture than weird architecture.
  • OPEN & MULTIPURPOSE SPACES: There will be a greater shift towards open and multipurpose spaces rather than constricted spaces. The approach will be towards ensuring an easier flow of natural light and ventilation. Building materials that act as a link between the interior and exterior will gain traction, facilitating space and light naturally.
  • REFORM, REHABILITATE & REMODEL: More and more cities are already moving towards rehabilitating old buildings and remodelling them to give them a new lease of life and usefulness. Likewise, homes and offices too will make a greater move towards the same pattern. This way, not only will the buildings get a fresh look with greater comforts, but also the benefit of a lower economic cost than the cost of construction from scratch.
  • SIMPLE FORMS: There will be a greater shift to simple forms using modern and avant-garde materials. Quality materials will see greater usage ushering in thermal and acoustic insulation, resulting in economic savings and environmental benefits.
  • MULTITUDE RANGE: Building materials today come in a range of styles, shapes, colours, and so on. This makes choosing a difficult one. 2020 will see a shift to spaces with a multitude of shapes and materials, combined with precision, creating spaces full of verve and life.
  • CONTINUAL FOCUS ON WHITE: White in varied shades will continue to rule the roost. In fact, it will be the norm in architecture as well as in interior design. The trend will be towards either white alone or white in combination with other colours like black, grey, mustard, etc. They will add luminosity to rooms in buildings thus visually broadening their aesthetic expanse.
  • NATURAL LIGHT WITH LESS NOISE:Architectural projects will see buildings using distributions and materials that help minimise noise inside the building while facilitating the greater inflow of natural sunlight.

Novel constructive methods will become the norm with a focus on staying environment-friendly. More and more architectural structures will begin to incorporate recycled materials like plastic, etc. Furthermore, there will be greater alignment of traditional and modern architectural construction methods. The whole approach will be towards structures that sport elegant and unique looks with an environmental-friendly touch.

Fortune Builders & Developers, premier builders and developers in Hyderabad are increasingly incorporating sustainable designs in its constructions, bringing that visual excitement to its spaces. Its constructions reflect modern architectural trends which can be seen in its portfolio of landmark residential projects in Hyderabad’s prime locations; plots in Hyderabad; and above all, several valued commercial property Hyderabad.

Working in close coordination with prominent architects and interior designers in Hyderabad, Fortune Builders & Developers has successfully created notable residential landmarks, like apartments in Marredpally, apartments in Whitefield, apartments in ECIL, and residential projects in Kondapur; each an architectural marvel driven by creativity, craftsmanship, and comfort value with detailing that assures secure living for inhabitants.


As the world enters the last year of this decade, moving into 2020, the modern architecture will witness several path-breaking trends. Architects with engineers and designers will become more environmentally-conscious. This will see an influx of mature architectural constructions built with environmentally-friendly methods, materials, and machinery. All of these will make future architectural constructions, more sustainable and resilient.

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