Is Investing in a Plot of Land Good Way of Generating Wealth?

Real estate is a dynamic segment with a consistent growth trajectory. There are ALWAYS people on the lookout even during the worst period of economic downturns, for properties to buy or sell or lease or rent. So, investment in the land will always stay a sound proposition and that’s the way it has been in India where people consider it a safe investment bet with healthy long-term value appreciation prospects.

With the Union Government planning to invest Rs 102 lakh crore in the infrastructure sector in the next five years to achieve the GDP target of $5 trillion by 2024-25, there is bound to be a strong demand for land. In such a scenario, market experts believe that the risks involved in real estate investment will be very low, while the chances of property prices rising will be very high.

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When the going gets good, a plot of land outpaces the sale of even the best of apartments while offering some handsome benefits as well, like:

  • LIMITED RESOURCE:  A plot of land is a finite resource in the sense that only a limited amount of land is available for ownership. This way, investment in the land will constantly be on the rise. As a result, the land prices will continue to appreciate, making it a steady attractive investment proposition.
  • LOW INITIAL INVESTMENT: Land requires low initial investment which makes it an attractive bet compared to even the most affordable of houses or flats. Many experts, in fact, recommend – invest in the land first and then build a home on it later after ensuring enough savings are available.
  • CONSTANT PRICE APPRECIATION: Due to real estate’s constant growth, land value is almost guaranteed to appreciate. However, the value of land’s appreciation depends upon surrounding infrastructure growth and development of the area concerned where it’s located. If that is happening, then the land will offer much higher returns in a shorter period of time.
  • MINIMAL MAINTENANCE: A plot of land requires little or no maintenance at all, in some cases. Land does not cause plumbing or electrical issues nor does it require renovations of any sort. This way, it’s worthy of investment without having the worry of its regular upkeep.
  • LOW PROPERTY TAX: Property tax is a recurring expense that property owners need to pay at regular intervals, whatever the property – house or a plot of land. But land comes with lesser property tax. This makes it a worthy investment bet that allows for savings not just during the initial purchase but also in the long run.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Land does not wear out, unlike other investment prospects. Being a long-term tangible asset, that does not depreciate much nor can be stolen or destroyed, land makes for a worthy investment bet for the long-term.
  • A GIFT OF NATURE: Unlike many investment prospects, the land is a gift of nature that’s not made nor can be made. It’s simply a valuable resource with limited quantities available. This comes alive when it’s in an area which is witnessing healthy growth and land requirement at the same time. Suddenly, the land you hold will see appreciation in price making it an attractive prospect to sell later for a healthy sum.

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