The ways to use plants as decoratives for your commercial space

There is nothing like plants for ushering in a touch of nature to commercial spaces. They not only bring in oodles of charm and serenity, but also breathe life into the often clustered environments of commercial spaces.

Plants enhance health and well-being, and bring the outdoors into a commercial space, helping create a healthier ambience while lowering stress-levels. When used as decorative in commercial spaces, they integrate greenery purposefully into the built environment and transform the overall experience of commercial spaces. Most importantly, they encourage people to recharge outside the precincts of a commercial space.

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Using plants as decoratives

Usage of plants will literally breathe life into spaces, injecting a dose of freshness into it and enlivening its appeal. Some popular plants include:

SPIDER PLANT: Thrives in partial light and heavily shaded areas, it can go without water for 1-2 days. Spider plant is a great addition to any commercial space, as they help purify the air that is breathed.

SNAKE PLANT: Can survive in most environments including heavily shaded spaces, while requiring very little sunlight. Being hard-to-kill plants, it can also go without water for multiple days. Its best USP factor is it clears toxins from the air, release oxygen and purify the air that is breathed.  Most importantly, it grows at enclosed space temperature.

BAMBOO PALM: With its long stem and large leaves, it makes for a lush green addition to a commercial space. It can survive in heavily shaded areas, needs to be watered once a week and requires very little sunlight. Known to ward off evil spirits, it grows incredibly quickly.

LEMON BALM: Known for its mood-boosting abilities and wonderful fragrance and pleasant scent, it adds tremendous value to any commercial space. It can survive in sun as well as shade and is also hardy enough to be moved among different pots, while requiring water daily.

CACTUS: Easy to fit in any space due to its small size, it only needs good sunlight directly over it. Cactuses can go without water for a few days while requiring little maintenance.

Green plants are not the only add-ons for decorating a space. They are blooming plants that offer all the health and aromatherapy benefits of green plants while infusing that extra dose of colour to the space. Orchids are one such plant. With its bright, engaging colours and sculptural looks, it makes a clear statement that draws in eyeballs while elevating the ambiance of the space. All it requires is good care, and if that is done, it can last for a long time.

To make plants comfortable and pleasing to look visually as well as physically, they need the right kind of decorative look:

GEOMETRIC POTS: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When used indoors, it is best placed as a centrepiece on a dining table. Its geometric design with a stylish appearance, acts as a perfect offset for flowers.

MACRAME PLANT HANGERS: With its natural material make and versatile sturdiness, it instantly adds warmth and texture, highlighting greenery, to indoor and outdoor spaces.  It can be used to hang by patio door, curtain rod or window pane, from a hook in the ceiling or against a wall like a wall-hanging, emitting a minimalist feel.

ECLECTIC WHITE POTS: With its suave polished appearance and all-weather durability, it brightens up a space, while ensuring optimal growth of the plant. Using a variety of such pots will make a space look fascinating, injecting it with a lively appearance.

Plants with their colours and textures help complement natural habitat conservation and enhancement.
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